Once upon a time

We always wanted to create video games. This demands a lot of money we did not have (office, softwares very expensive…)
with the evolution of video games such as Come Unity and Unreal Engine we managed to finalize our first project.

In 2014 Yann Pennaneac, Game designer, decided to create a video game prototype. He chose Horinzontal Shoot em up.
After a market research on this type of product, Yann noticed the lack of projects in this sector.

He decided to create a prototype on CONSTRUCT software, created some graphic sketches and put them in a developers forum to see the reactions.

It is at that time that Mr Sébastien Navarro contacted him and joined to work. In less than three months they managed a good model.

The nice surprise was UNITY 2D that became the solution to all the problems allowing to develop professionally for PC/Mac/Linux and console.

We got in touch with Mr Vincent William who is our Lead Developer.

The team was created :Game designer, developer, musician.

We only had to create the artistic elements and the tools in Unity and of course learn lots of new softwares and manage a method.

Around the world

Actually the Company is based in Paris. We all live in different places : Nice, Paris, Lyon, USA.
Skype is helping us to carry on and to check every point. We are the sample of a determined team who wants to go to the end of what it started.

We are now planning a continuation of the first project and we hope that in a close future we will all work in Lyon.

Developement Project

To direct a project remotely is not an easy thing and even more when it is a first experience. We learnt ALL by ourselves
and we developped more than 180 tools. The target is not to develop one video game but more to develop a battery of reusable tools for the future.

A bold choice for quality

Why take the choice of simplicity ?
It may seem « evident » but it is not the case of a lot of first project with video games that are in general much lighter
to create and more quickly on the market specifically with a small team and reducing then the risks and the cost.

We worked a lot on our image and our gameplay to realize a detailled and tweaked project
and because of this target we had to redo it twice.

It is obvious that to realize a Horinzontal Shooter Game does not need the same obligations than an AAA game,
nevertheless it needs a lot of investment. We choose in 2016 not to go to the easy side and to respect the players giving them quality projects.

Who are we ?

We come from art, video games and communication backgrounds. We have between 15 to 25 years of experience.
It is our first professional project concerning a video game but it won't be the last.

And Now ?

The first project being completed we are looking for a distributor with whom we want to carry on.
We are now in the commercial stage of this project and we think to find a parternship is vital for the future.
We need now to become known and to go further.